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Paragon Accounting Solutions

Paragon Accounting Solutions understands the unique risks and rewards for both the venture capital and “start-up” community.

Experienced Accounting Team

With over 22 years of combined experience providing accounting, tax, due diligence and consulting services our team has the competence and skill set necessary to anticipate your company’s needs.

Audit and Tax

Coordination and liaison with teams for timely filing including FATCA and CRS reporting



Synchronization regarding capital calls, distributions, confirmations and reporting


Quarterly and year-end financial reporting for your limited partners


Let us take care of billing, payroll setup, accounting and state and tax requirements

What We Do

With over 25 years of combined experience in the VC industry our main goal is to take the burden away from GP’s and Fund Managers so you can focus on investing and portfolio returns while we ensure that you remain compliant and up to date with all the fund administrative tasks.

At Paragon Accounting Solutions we provide web-based reporting for your LPs for ease of access to their reports.  We also focus on operational entity support, so we will take care of all your billing, payroll setup, accounting and state and tax requirements.  Now your quarterly and yearly report will be a breeze!

With over 25 years of combined financial and accounting experience our team consists of highly specialized professionals in the current regulatory environment affecting both Venture Capital firms and portfolio companies.  Let Paragon be your solution to accounting!

  • Operational Entity Support 100%
  • Financial Guidance 100%
  • Tax Planning 100%
  • Accounting 100%

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re in the business of recording financial transactions, storing, sorting, retrieving, summarizing, and then finally presenting the information via reports and records.

Part of accounting focuses on the presentation of the gathered information which looks like income statements, financial statements, balance sheets, and more.

For us the formations of these external reports are exciting and we love preparing them in accordance with the stringent accounting principles outlined by GAAP and US GAAP.

What is your experience?

We have well over 25 years (combined experience) with companies such as Ernst and young, Symantec Corporation, Bay Partners, and Venture Capital Firms.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We love to work in the Business Valuation industry.  We love taking the weight off the shoulders of partners and managers so they can focus on investing strategies and portfolio gains.

What are your services?

Our services include year end financial reporting, audit and tax coordination communicating with LP base regarding capital calls, distributions, confirmations and quarterly reporting and more!

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